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The GVDN® addresses limitations in vaccine safety.

Our aims are to work with vaccine safety and effectiveness experts, global health agencies, and other global non-profit health alliances to help assure the safety and risk benefit of vaccines through vaccine monitoring by: 

  • evaluating vaccine safety concerns through analysis and evaluation of large clinical databases.
  • evaluating vaccine effectiveness to facilitate risk/benefit analyses
  • leading a coordinated response to concerns regarding vaccines, such as vaccine hesitancy
  • seeking out and securing funding for collaboration on vaccine safety monitoring projects

Rare adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) can only be evaluated in post-introduction pharmacovigilance studies. The Global Vaccine Data Network™ makes it possible for global collaborative retrospective analyses of health data utilising the existing capabilities of some partners, while growing the capacity of countries with less developed data infrastructures. Sharing standards and common data protocols for observed over expected studies, rapid-cycle analyses, and association studies facilitates robust and rapid scientific outputs that contribute strong evidence to the dialogue around vaccine use and safety. The global scale provides even greater precision in understanding vaccine outcomes. Furthermore, development of data capabilities designed to explore more individualised aspects of vaccine safety may help to ascertain the genomic basis for variability in response to vaccines.

Coordination of the GVDN

The GVDN® is supported by the Global Coordinating Centre, which is hosted by UniServices at University of Auckland, Waipapa Taumata Rau in New Zealand. The roles of the Coordinating Centre include:

  • provide a centralised base from which the GVDN can operate
  • procure a site for base of operations
  • support the Co-Directors and scientific leadership and advise and mentor other Partners
  • coordinate global studies
  • provide contractual support
  • keep and maintain an updated register of disclosed interests by Partners
  • provide financial management support of projects
  • facilitate data transfer, consolidation, and outputs
  • host and maintain the GVDN dashboard and website
  • store GVDN documentation and data
  • generate PR/external communications
  • ensure use of and decisions relating to use of GVDN branding
  • promote funder engagement
Scientific Advisory Committee

The following people constitute the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Global Vaccine Data Network™: