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Karin Batty, RN, PGDipPH(Dist)

The surge and rapid dissemination of misinformation means it is essential that vaccine communications employ the most effective techniques first time, every time. Debunking is one of these, provision of correct information can be done by experts and non-experts ‘on-the-spot’.

Helen Petousis-Harris, BSc, PGDipSci (Dist), PhD

One of the most perplexing health challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic is the enigmatic condition known as long COVID. As the name suggests, it refers to a multitude of symptoms and conditions that persist beyond three-months after someone has been infected with the virus.

Helen Petousis-Harris, BSc, PGDipSci (Dist), PhD

Vaccines authorised for use are incredibly safe, but the risk for serious side effects is not ‘0’. Vaccine safety scientists exist because vaccines are not 100% safe.

Helen Petousis-Harris, BSc, PGDipSci (Dist), PhD

Vaccine safety signals are essential to stimulate questions about the potential relationship between a vaccine and an adverse event.

Bruce Carleton, B.Pharm, Pharm.D, FCP, FISPE

Any adverse outcome from vaccine use is a concern to everyone, from vaccine manufacturers to the people who experience them. Vaccines in a way are like cars – incredibly safe and effective, but not without some risk.

Helen Petousis-Harris, BSc, PGDipSci (Dist), PhD

Given the breadth and magnitude of vaccine safety activities, it is surprising how wide the belief is that the world relies on voluntary reports of adverse events, even among health professionals.

Safety by Numbers ... A newsletter highlighting collaboration and data to support vaccine safety communication

Safety by Numbers was created by five organisations at the forefront of vaccine safety monitoring and communication, including the Global Vaccine Data Network™ (GVDN®), Brighton Collaboration, Institute for Vaccine Safety, Vaccine Confidence Project, and Vaccine Monitoring Collaboration for Europe (VAC4EU). Together, their goal is to transform news, insights, and data from known and emerging evidence on vaccine safety into timely and relevant information that supports vaccine safety communication and addresses vaccine hesitancy.