Pregnancy outcomes following COVID-19 vaccination in Ontario, Norway, and Sweden

Results from population-based cohort studies of peripartum outcomes for women in Ontario, Norway, and Sweden who received COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy have been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). There was no significant association for adverse birth outcomes (prematurity, small for gestational age, low Apgar score, neonatal intensive care admission) for COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy (predominantly mRNA vaccines administered during second or third trimesters of pregnancy) compared with no vaccination or COVID-19 vaccination after delivery.

These data, from more than 250,000 pregnancies from three countries, add to the body of existing safety data from the U.S. Vaccine Safety Datalink evidence (40,000 live births) and Israel (just under 25,000 live births). 
Click on these links to locate the articles by Fell et al. (2022) and Magnus et al (2022), and an editorial on the papers by Kharbanda and Vazquez-Benitez.